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Avana 100MG

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  • Avana 100MG

Avana 100MG

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Avana 100mg is a recently discovered and approved medicine which is use in the treatment of the men’s commonly spread disorder which is known as Erectile Dysfunction in which it manage the disorder very well. It is faster than the other available drugs for the Erectile Dysfunction. Therefore today’s males are accepting this medicine as their way of treatment. Order your Avana 100mg from Buypharmacypills at much reduced rate.
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Avana 100 mg is a medicine use by many of the males to treat their impotency which is increasing day by day among all the age group of the men. It is believe that the component which is present in the medicine i.e. Avanafil is a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor which is responsible for the release of cGMP. The increase amount of cGMP results in the dilation of the blood arteries by relaxing the smooth muscles present in the corpora cavernosum. The dilation results in the increase rate of the blood towards the penis and thus resulting in the erection.

Additional Information

Generic Avanafil 100mg Tablet
Strength 100
Dosage The suggested dose of Avana for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction is 100mg. It can be decrease or increase according to the patient response towards the medicine. Avana is administered orally with water. It should be taken 30 minutes before going for the intercourse and is to be taken once a day and also it dose should not be repeated in next 24 hours. Presence of food does not cause any effect but remain away from the consumption of the heavy fatty food.
Side Effects

Side effects are the undesired effect which occurs after the consumption of the medicine.

  •  Effect on cardiovascular system: pain in the chest and rapid heart rate.
  •  Effect on digestive system: disturbance in the stomach, change in the blood glucose level, nausea.
  •  Effect on musculoskeletal system: spasm of the muscles, pain in the muscles of whole body.
  •  Effect on nervous system: patient get depressed, insomnia.
  •  Effect on respiratory system: difficulty in breathing.
  •  Effect on skin: allergic reactions.
  •  Effect on urinary system: blood in the urine.
  •  Pain in the penis if the erection remains for more than 4 hours.
  •  Sweating in whole hands and feet.

There are some precautions which you have to be taken before taking Avana100 mg.

  • Always take the medicine of the recommended dose. Never take more than that.
  • Never take this medicine if you have undergone any surgery.
  • This medicine is not recommended for the females and the children which are below the age of 18 years.
  • If a patient has suffered from any cardiac, renal or hepatic impairment in the past then do not take this medicine.
  • If a person is having any blood related problem then also the consumption of this medicine is avoided.
  • Always take this medicine on time or whenever you needed.
  • Always keep away the children from the reach of the medicine and keep Avana at the room temperature.
  • Do not take grapefruit parallel with the medicine as it can cause delay in the absorption of the medicine.
  • If you are allergic to Avanafil present in the medicine then do not consume it.

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