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Ladygra 100 MG

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  • Ladygra 100 MG

Ladygra 100 MG

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As the men are suffering from the sexual dysfunction, likewise females are also facing the troubles related to their sexuality. Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) is described as the condition in which the females are not able to achieve the sexual satisfaction. They are not able to get arouse on the sexual stimulation. They also come along with the lubrication problem. Do not confuse it with the lack of the libido. FSD is generally happens when a lady is having any distress where they are not able to get satisfied properly. In those circumstances She will not be capable to attaining the sexual pleasure, She can feel the pain during the time of penetration, There is presence of an involuntary contraction of vaginal muscles which results in intervention during the intercourse. Enjoy your pleasure moments by buying the Generic Ladygra 100mg from Buypharmacypills.

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60 Tablets Lady Viagra - Ladygra - Pink Viagra $30.00 $0.50
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100 Tablets Lady Viagra - Ladygra - Pink Viagra $35.00 $0.35


Ladygra 100mg has provided evidence of developing the desire of love when it is used by the females. It is exceedingly approved by a health practitioner due to its effectiveness. Sildenafil citrate is engaged in it to absolute its action. Ladygra is a generic version which is a price effectual method to boost the sexual arousal in females. Ladygra is admired among the women due to some benefits which are present in it. Ladygra helps in civilizing the libido and helps in re-establishing the sexual drive. It enhances the blood flow towards the female reproductive system. It also reinforces the orgasm.Sexual enthusiasm gets increased and female are able to get pleasure of that moment. It is accounted in the studies that the thrashing of the libido in women develops due to the smaller amount of supply of the blood to the vagina. Sildenafil citrate is built-in as the composition of Ladygra 100mg. Sildenafil works by restricting the act of phosphodiesterase type 5. It also kicks off the level of nitric oxide by exciting the nerve and endothelial cells. The nitric oxide thus increases the concentration of cGMP which relaxes the muscles of the reproductive system. The dilation of the arteries causes running of the blood towards the organs leading to boost up the thrill and enhancing the pleasure of the women.

Additional Information

Generic Sildenafil Citrate - Ladygra 100
Strength Ladygra 100

Taking Ladygra 100mg? Know the way

Ladygra is obtainable as a solid dosage form present at our website. It is recommended to have the drug along with water. It is taken as a single dose in a day. It has to be taken along with the food as it cannot harm the action but escape the use of fatty food for the intake. The dose that is given is about 100mg daily which totally depends on the age, health and the response of the patient.

Side Effects

Adverse Effects belong to the Ladygra 100mg Patients can undergo from some side effects which are stated on using Ladygra.

  •  Unmanageable body movements.
  •  Hearing problem or tinnitus.
  •  Hampering of vision.
  •  Extreme sweating.
  •  Headache.
  •  Body suffers from pain.
  •  Flushing or occurrence of the redness in the face.
  •  Stomach distress.
  •  Depression and anxiety.
  •  Memory loss.
  •  Irregular heartbeats.

Keep in Remembrance!

  • If you are taking Ladygra then be aware if you are allergic to Sildenafil Citrate.
  •  Do not take other prescribed medicine for female sexual dysfunction.
  •  Go for a proper health checkup for cardiac disorder prior taking Ladygra
  • Do not obtain heavy oily food with Ladygra.
  • Avoid the drug interactions while taking drugs like nitrates, Anti HIV medicines, Antianginal drugs, antihypertensive medicines or antibiotic drugs.
  • Do not take this medicine after the expiry date.
  • Always store the medicine at the favorable conditions.
  • Do not overdose the medicine. You can simply buy Ladygra 100mg online at our website through easy steps.

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