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Find Closest Drug Store at Buypharmacypills

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Frequently Asked Questions

Comprehensive Information

Q 1: Is purchasing the medicine from the overseas based pharmacy without prescription is safe?

Ans: Yes! Buying the medicines from the online pharmacy id totally secure and you do not require any prescription for buying the medicine.

Q 2: Is the online available medicines are approved?

Ans: All the medicines which are present in the online pharmacy are fully approved by the FDA and the manufacturing is done according to the FDA guidelines.

Q 3: Is it essential to memorize the foreign name while placing an order?

Ans: If you know the Brand name or Generic name of the medicine then we can provide you the drug that you are demanding in your language.

Q 4: What is the advantage of buying the medicine online?

Ans: The medicine which is available online is much cheaper than the market and also you can save the time by ordering it online.

Q 5: What medicines can be order from the Buypharmacypills?

Ans: There are many categories of the drugs related with the men’s health, women’s health or drugs related with skin care and many more. You can easily avail both the branded and the generic medicine from Buypharmacypills?

Q 6: What about the customer support?

Ans: At Buypharmacypills you can call anytime as it is the 24x7 online pharmacy and our staff will provide you the solution of your every query.

Information Regarding Ordering the Medicine

Q 1: How can I place the order?

Ans: On surfing the website you should first check the category or search the medicine. Select the medicine and add it to the cart or basket. Then do the registration and make the obligatory payment via payment mode which can be done either by e-check or other payment option.

Q 2: What is the process after placing the order?

Ans: After your payments will be cleared a message will be sent to you regarding your order number and tracking number.

Q 3: How can I track my order using tracking number?

Ans: After you get a tracking number, you can call our customer service to know about the information regarding the correct position of your order.

Q 4: What is the process of call off the order?

Ans: On respecting the feeling of our customer, we give you the facility of cancelling the order within the 24 hours of the placement. For that you have to contact our customer care via email, online chat or toll free number.


Queries Regarding Delivery

 Q 1: How much time it will take to deliver my order?


Ans: Your order will be transport to you within 8 to 10 days of placing an order if you are living in United States of America and in United Kingdom. If you are living in any other place then it can be delivers to you in 10 to 12 days.

Q 2: What if I am not available at the home?

Ans: When you are not available at your home then we will drop your order in your mailbox and if in case the size of the order is bigger than your mailbox then we will submit your parcel to the local agency and will inform you to collect from there.


Q 3: What if my parcel will lost?

Ans: If in case your parcel is lost we will transport you with the new package that also free of cost. But if it is found that you have given us the wrong mailing address then we will not be responsible for it.


Q 4: Shall I have to give shipping charges after delivering the parcel?

Ans: If you order the medicine more than $150 then there will not be any shipping charges included. Beside this if you order the medicine in bulk amount then you will be endure with the extra medicine.


Q 5: What type of packing will I expect?

Ans: We at Buypharmacypills will provide you the highly efficient and safest medicine at your doorstep. The strips of the medicines are fully sealed and are properly packed to prevent it from any pilferage or tampering.