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Snovitra Strong 20MG | 40MG

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  • Snovitra Strong 20MG | 40MG

Snovitra Strong 20MG | 40MG

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Snovitra is a small pill that has the capability to resolve all the difficulties allied to the erection, mainly the erectile dysfunction. Snovitra contains extensively acting Vardenafil that is a Phosphodiesterase type-5 initiator. It’s muscle relaxants and widens the vessels that carry blood.
Quantity Strength Price Unit Price
30 Tablets Snovitra 40mg Verdenafil $40.00 $1.33
60 Tablets Snovitra 40mg Verdenafil $65.00 $1.08
90 Tablets Snovitra 40mg Verdenafil $79.00 $0.88
30 Tablets Snovitra - Filitra 20mg $25.00 $0.83
60 Tablets Snovitra - Filitra 20mg $36.00 $0.60
90 Tablets Snovitra - Filitra 20mg $45.00 $0.50


Erectile dysfunction makes male disable to attain and hold an erection for better and adequate erection. Sildenafil citrate is the main component of the Snovitra that is an active member of Phosphodiesterase inhibitor. Sildenafil acts by increasing the concentration of cGMP and inhibiting the action of PDE-5. During excitation the brain releases the nitric oxide that improves the cGMP concentration. The effect of cGMP is pretentious by the PDE -5 inhibitor, as it interferes with its action and the sildenafil citrates blocks the action of PDE-5 inhibitor so that the function of cGMP can be done smoothly. As the blood supply to the penis is improves and blood gets collected in the penile tissues, it facilitates with the erection, not only the erection you can say that rigid and satisfactory erection and makes you enable to enjoy the moments of intimacy.

Additional Information

Generic Vardenafil Tablets - Snovitra tablets
Strength Snovitra 40mg Vardenafil
Dosage The dose of Snovitra varies from 10mg to 100mg and can be calculated according the age of the patient, patient response towards the drug and patient disease condition. You have to take only one tablet that is just half an hour before the physical intercourse. Snovitra start showing effect in 15-20 minutes and remains for about 10hours. Take the Snovitra tablet with a glass of water and can be taken with food or without but not with high fat content meal. Take only the prescribed dose not more than that in case you have taken more than prescribed dose you may feel some unwanted symptoms that can be harmful for the patient. in case of excessive dose take the medical help ion urgent basis.
Side Effects

Snovitra is safe for most of the males but for few ones it can cause some common effects. These are as follows

  •  Headache or severe headache
  • Digestion problem.
  • Drowsiness
  • Rigidity in nose.
  • Flushing or redness of the face.
  • Impulsive loss of hearing,
  • Impulsive loss of vision
  • Hazy vision
  • Memory loss (temporary)
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Chest pain when you have the physical intercourse
  • Some allergic reactions like swelling of the eyes, face, lips throat or mouth, problematic breathing, rashes, itching.
  • Erection can be painful or for more than 8-10 hours.


All the above symptoms are temporary but in case these symptoms persist for longer duration seek medical help.


What to do and what not to do?

Stuffs to be done and not to be done while treating the erectile dysfunction with the help of Snovitra are

  •  Avoid the alcohol consumption and smoking because these two interferes with the drug performance and also increase the chances to get more side effects.
  •  Avoid the intake of grapefruit or grapefruit juice along with the Snovitra.
  •  Avoid driving after taken the Snovitra pill because this pill may case your vision blurred may also leads to dizziness that makes your driving dangerous.
  •  Avoid the use of Snovitra if the patient is sensitive to the sildenafil.
  •  Avoid the use of Snovitra if you are already having some other medicine that contains PDE-5 inhibitor and for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
  •  Avoid the use of Snovitra along with the drugs that contains nitrate.
  •  Avoid the use of Snovitra without prescription if you have the problem related to kidney, liver or heart.
  •  Avoid the use of Snovitra if you have any type of deformity in the penis or you have gone through any kind of surgery of the penis.
  •  Avoid the use of Snovitra for the treat of erectile dysfunction if you are having the following drugs like Antifungal drugs, Anti-ulcer drugs, HIV drugs, Macrolides antibiotics, Barbiturates.

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