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Tadagra 20 MG

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Tadagra 20mg is formulated for the male patients and helps to heal erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a male disorder that makes male patients incompatible to hold an erection enough for satisfactory love making. Tadagra 20mg is very suitable for all those patients of erectile dysfunction or impotence. Tadagra is quick in action and safe for use. You can rely upon Tadagra 20mg for better results. Buypharmacypills is the best solution for all your medical problems. You can buy Tadagra 20mg of generic tadalafil online from us ta cheap and profitable rates.

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Tadagra 20mg is a medicine that shows its outcome by augmenting the probability of erection of the penis and facilitates to uphold an erection during physical intercourse in males having the problem of erectile dysfunction. Tadalafil is the main component of the Tadagra 20mg. this drug shows its effect on the class of enzymes PDE-5 inhibitors and acts by inhibiting its effect. PDE-5 is accountable for the regulation of cGMP enzyme. Its function is to bind the proteins present in the penal muscles and helps to relax them. This leads to the improved blood flow to the male reproductive system. When you get stimulated for the physical intercourse your brain releases chemical nitric oxide and acetylcholine. These both the chemicals work along with the guanylate cyclase and releases cGMP. With increased level of cGMP, muscles of the penis get relaxed and lead to an erection.

Additional Information

Generic Tadagra 20mg
Strength Tadalafil Generic 20mg
Dosage How to take and when to take Tadagra 20mg? The dose for the treatment of any drugs is calculated on the basis of age of the patient, Sex, his disease condition and medical history. You have to take this medicine 30-45 minutes before the physical intercourse and with a glass of water. The effect of tadalafil remains for at least 48 hours. Its effect is quick and long lasting. You can have this medicine with our without food but avoid it with a high fat containing food. Because oily food may slow down the absorption of the drug and delayed its action. For better results use this medicine only when you are aroused and stimulated form physical intercourse, if you are not aroused this will not show any effect. You have to take only one table in 24 hours. Avoid having an extra dose of tadalafil; you have to take only one tablet per day. In case of overdose seek immediate medical help. You have to take this medicine on a need basis. Take it only when you are needed. You don’t have to follow any particular schedule.
Side Effects What are the adverse effects of Tadagra 20mg? These are the unwanted effect of any medicine that sometimes can be dangerous for the male patients. The adverse effects caused by tadalafil are headache, nasal congestion, dyspepsia, muscular pain, blurred vision, dry mouth, rashes, hives and stomach disturbance.

Who should avoid it?

Some patients are prohibited in case of tadalafil because this medicine in not suitable for them. Tadagra 20 mg is contraindicated are as follows:

  • If the patient is allergic to tadalafil or any of the ingredients of this medicine.
  • If patent is having Nitrates.
  • If the patient is having a medical history of angina, hypertension, cardiac abnormalities, stroke or heart attack should not use tadalafil for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
  • If the patient is having a problem of leukaemia, anaemia and strictly prohibited form tadalafil.
  • If the patient is having a past history of renal dysfunction or hepatic disorder should not have it. Precautions to be taken
  • Avoid alcohol consumption and smoking.
  • Avoid grape fruit and grape fruit juice.
  • Strictly contraindicated to ladies and children below 18yeras of age.
  • This medicine does not provide protection against sexually transmitted disease and pregnancy.
  • Avoid driving and other work that requires concentration because this medicine may cause dizziness

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